Convocation 2017

HOLY Convocation & Prophetic School

A People Prepared for These Last Days

Madison, Ohio – August 24th-27th, 2017

This year our studies will focus on Hosea.

This End-Time Holy Convocation / Prophetic School will be a four-day weekend study program. The purpose of these days will be to inspire and encourage one another as we study the prophet Hosea and seek to be led by the Spirit in order that we might effectively serve the Lord and His Church in these last days.

Convocation Agenda

Hosea the Prophet

“Let us know; let us press on to know the LORD…” Hosea 6:3

Thursday, August 24, 2017

Hosea the Prophet, the son of BeeriPhil Norcom
“When the LORD first spoke through Hosea…” – Hosea 1:2
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Friday, August 25, 2017

My People IsraelMark Klafter
“You are the sons of the living God…” – Hosea 1:10

Israel in the WildernessTom Quinlan
“I will allure her, bring her into the wilderness…” – Hosea 2:14

The Prophetic CallBryan Purtle
“Then the LORD said to me, “Go again, love a woman…”– Hosea 3:1
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Saturday, August 26, 2017

Go and Learn What This Means
“For I delight in loyalty rather than sacrifice…” – Hosea 6:6
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The LORD RemembersRob Weiss
“It was I who taught Ephraim to walk, taking them by the arms…” – Hosea 11:3
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The Prophetic Timeline in HoseaReggie Kelly
“He will revive us after two days, He will raise us up on the third day…”
– Hosea 6:2



Sunday, August 27, 2017

Out of Egypt I Called My SonTravis Bennett
“When Israel was a youth I loved him…” – Hos. 11:1
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There is No Savior Beside MeNikolai Boyedjiev

The Great RestorationDoug Dillaman
“I will heal their backsliding, I will love them freely…” – Hosea 14:4
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