2024 Online Convocation – The March of the Prophets

Coming soon – March 2024 Conference – ‘The March of the Prophets’, Wednesday, March 13th through Sunday, March 17th… Guest Speakers include: ‘Reggie Kelly’, ‘Travis Bennett’, ‘Tom Quinlan & GFW’, ‘Fred London’, ‘Rob Weiss’, ‘David Hirsch’ and more… Stay Tuned to GFW for additional information…

Titles are subject to change…

1. Wednesday: 7:30pm – Travis Bennett – The Purpose of the Church – Lam 1:12

2. Thursday: 7:30pm – Fred London – “Speak to Us Pleasant Words”

3. Friday: 7:30pm – Reggie Kelly – The Eschatology of the Covenant

4. Saturday Morning – 11:00am – Rob Weiss – The Outcomes of the Day of the Lord

5. Saturday night: 7:30pm – Tom Quinlan & God’s Foretold Work // Main Speaker: Reggie Kelly – then viewer and audience interaction / Q&A

The Olivet Key to the Daniel’s Prophecy of the End

6. Sunday Morning 11:00am – David Hirsch 
“See that No One Deceives You.”

7. Sunday Night: 6:00pm – A Final Message from Reggie Kelly….
Travis Bennett, Fred London, Rob Weiss
Looking Back and Looking Forward

We plan to stream all sessions on the God’s Foretold Work YouTube Channel.

Hosted by New Life Outreach Church: 4716 Harrison Rd Fredericksburg VA.

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