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Old Testament Proofs of Messiah’s Rejection by His Own

When I noticed Isa 49:7 was not listed in this brother’s fine work charting Messiah’s rejection, particularly by His own nation (see 1st link above), I immediately suspected that it has suffered the same fate in translation as Isa 49:5. I knew it would only take a slight pluralizing of the singular, or some such adroit, ever so slight (perhaps even technically permissible) alteration, to obscure entirely the import and implication, so not surprised…

Rightly Dividing the Word of Truth

Love believes and hopes all things. I sometimes think that the best tact to take is to present our case, not with caustic or strident tones of dogmatism, but a kind of, “what would you have me do with this evidence from the scripture?” “How would you better harmonize these texts?”What do you mean by that? Paul Volk In the end, there is only one finally decisive question; it is, “What saith the Scripture?” To quote a dear friend, “What does the text SAYYYY?!” By the way, that friend, whom you may know, Paul Volk, has very recently written the best little booklet on this subject that I have personally ever seen. It is titled, “What Do You Mean By That?: A Brief Guide to Interpreting Scripture.” I wish it had been the first book on that subject that I read after my salvation. It would have saved me a lot of grief. […]

Recommended Reading: Spurgeon’s Morning & Evening

[…] I would like to commend to you the somewhat less famed, but equally valuable devotional by C.H. Spurgeon, “Morning and Evening,” as also his magisterial “The Treasury of David,” a devotional commentary on the Psalms.

Chambers was saved under Spurgeon’s preaching. For years, I used to tell Art, “Chambers ought ye to have done, but not to leave Spurgeon undone.” When once he was introduced to Spurgeon’s writings, it was love at first bite. After that, at many a morning prayer time, something from Spurgeon had stirred a new exhortation. He used to always speak of his envy of Spurgeon’s unique grasp and ability to communicate the “sweetness” of Jesus. […]

Recommended Reading: Israel Is to Be Restored (Ch. 15 of “Jesus is Coming”)

[… Perhaps, you say: “I don’t believe the Israelites are to be restored to Canaan, and Jerusalem rebuilt.”

Dear reader! have you read the declarations of God’s word about it? Surely nothing is more plainly stated in the Scriptures. We would that we had space to quote the passages, but we can only give you a portion of the references. We beg of you to read them thoughtfully. Divest yourself of prejudice and preconceived notions, and let the Holy Spirit show you, from His word, the glorious future of God’s chosen people, “who are beloved” (Rom. 11 :28), and dear unto Him as “the apple of His eye.” Zech. 2:8. […]

Recommended Book: The Gospel of the Kingdom

the_gospel_of_the_kingdom […] There is a great book that was listed in “Christianity Today,” as one of the top 50 best evangelical books of the modern era. It is George E. Ladd’s, “The Gospel of the Kingdom: Popular Expositions on the Kingdom of God.” He also wrote another book that is currently out of print called, “Crucial Questions Concerning the Kingdom of God,” also, “The Presence of the Future.” He is ‘hands down’ my favorite on the subject. But you asked what the term means “to me”, and what it evokes in me, so I’ll say a little for myself on the subject. […]

Recommended Reading: Joseph and Jesus

Joseph, Jesus and the Jewish People[…] First, let me recommend the below Bible study by long friend, Dean Van Druff: I read it today for the second time and was as moved as I was the first time.

Also, I’ve not had much time with it yet, but I’m quite impressed with a book that I found while searching for this topic on It looks to be a very valuable resource for our interest. Other than Dean, this is the only author that I know of who has published something that compares Joseph’s self revelation to his brethren as a type of Jesus’ revelation to Israel at His return. She also says it is something that was for her a new discovery that she considers timely in the church’s relation to Israel. Just today, I notice she expects another expulsion and flight of Jews. That’s a comparatively rare perspective. The book is: “Joseph, Jesus, and the Jewish People: A Gospel Tract Hidden in the Torah” Reggie

Books: “An Alternative to Left Behind Eschatology”

historic_premillenialism[…] You happen to have caught me just as I am working through one of the first books I’ve had the pleasure of reading in quite a while. I think its one that you would particularly enjoy, if only for its ability to revive some of the themes of mutual interest in eschatology. Its “A Case for Historic Premillennialism; An Alternative to Left Behind Eschatology,” edited by Craig Blomberg and Sung Chung.

I’ll forward this recommendation to our larger group of friends with the caution that it is academic in character and approach, and might seem tedious to some. I suggest that any that think they might be interested first go on line to, or, and check out the table of contents and read some excerpts before buying.

By no means is this a blanket endorsement to such a diversified collection of essays. It is only some iron that may sharpen those that have a specialized interest, or that labor and in this field. One of the essays might be of particular interest for those interested in a concise historical survey of Jewish views of the after life and the ‘messianic age’. It will inform but sadden. […]

Recommended Reading on the Prophet Daniel

S.P. Tregelles on Daniel[…] In an instant, I have exactly who to recommend on Daniel. First, and most accessible would be S.P. Tregelles’ “Remarks on the Prophetic Visions in the Book of Daniel,” available through Sovereign Grace Advent Testimony in Essex (on line at

Second, or perhaps even first in importance is a much more rare book entitled “Prophetic Interpretations” by P.S.G. Watson. It is available to view on line through the Dallas Theological Online Library, Antiquarian Books. Unfortunately, they have it where it can only be leafed through; it can’t be copied to be printed. If upon your preview of the book, interest should happen to soar, I would be happy to take my xerox copy to a printer here and have a copy made to be sent. I could let you know the cost. But look through it first, and see what you think. In my view, no one is so good as Watson on the case for ‘futurism’ and a literal hermeneutic, particularly in regards to the ‘abomination of desolation’ and the centrality of its place and role in the unfolding of last days events. […]

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