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This site (mysteryofisrael.org) is currently an archive for the emails that Reggie has responded to since mid 2007. It will also be home to the “Apocalyptic Evangelism Course” Reggie is working on. Older Articles formerly on the Ben Israel site, can now be found here as well.

While it is possible to leave comments directly on this site, at the current time Reggie is not directly participating in responses here.

We encourage you to contact Reggie directly and ask to be put on the mailing list. Questions he deems appropriate to respond to via the entire email list will be posted here shortly thereafter.

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“I would not that ye be ignorant of this mystery brethren.” – We caught Reggie and Travis reflecting on the mystery of Israel, the Messiah nation, and the glory of the Church, the first fruits of Messiah’s sufferings. (Taken from the meeting after the meeting in Session 31 of God’s Foretold Work)