Lesson 4 | Daniel Chapter 9: The Seventy Sevens of Daniel’s People

In Chapter 9, Daniel realizes that the 70 years of exile is almost over, so he cries out to God for mercy for himself and his people. In response he has a vision of the the angel Gabriel who begins to explain God’s timetable for delivering Israel. Reggie Kelly and Phil Norcom lead us through the five visions of Daniel with emphasis on what they mean for Israel and the Church (The Mystery of Israel).

In this Lesson you will find a whopping 12 parts (10 to 15 minutes each) to the video. The last two, numbered PS1 and PS2 (for Post Script 1 and 2) were actually spoken at the beginning of our Chapter 10 session after some time had passed and Reggie felt a few additional comments should be made.
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[On the lower left of the player above there is a control between the “Play” button and the “Volume” button. This button is the “Playlist” button and will show all the parts of this particular playlist (in our case all the parts of the “session”) for the convenience of switching from one part to another. In order to switch to another session use the chart at the bottom of this page.]

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Post | Basic Outline of the Last “Seven”
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Seventy Sevens are Decreed for Your People

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