The Mortal Wound

“One of its heads seemed to have a mortal wound, but its mortal wound was healed, and the whole earth marveled as they followed the beast…” Rev. 13

Have you been given any revelation on the timing of this event? It must take place during the first 3 ½ years but I’ve been thinking that it must happen near the very end of that first 3 ½ year period when this “bad guy” is dealt with and there will probably be a rejoicing that he is brought to his end…

I agree with you, that it will be very near the end of the first half of the week, very close to the time of the abomination that begins the last half. I’ve been quite impressed with all that has to happen between verses 30 and 31 of Dan 11. This is one more of those things.

Sometime after the Antichrist is turned back by the ships of Chittim, he is killed. It appears that he is raised quite soon after the mortal wound. That is why the whole world marvels when they see the beast that was, and is not, and yet is.

At this wonderment, many things will fall into place quickly to make for a successful and unopposed assault on Jerusalem (“arms stand on his part, … who can make war with the beast”). In a moment I’ll come to why I say his assault on Jerusalem is unopposed. Within this small gap of time, from the time that he is intercepted by the ships of Chittim and the unopposed invasion of Jerusalem, something huge has happened to change the balance of world power, not least his resurrection (which we see as the revelation of the mystery of iniquity in the incarnation of Satan in this man. He now has “all” the power of Satan [2Thes 2:9]. Whereas before, he was ‘an’ antichrist; at this point, he becomes ‘the’ Antichrist).

Up to this point, he has been working, through regional conquest, stealth and intrigue (e.g., “these two kings shall speak lies at one table” etc.) to build up support for his planned war against the covenant (Dan 11:23-28). I see these intrigues and secret conspiracy against the covenant, as taking place among other nations, particularly those in the region that share with him a mutual hatred of the covenant (e.g., the ten kings). Sometime after he has ben repulsed by the ships of Chittim, he rises from the dead. Now, the support that he has been working to build comes fully and fatally into place for the overwhelming of Israel, only this time, no one is able to stop him.

From this we can detect that something major has happened to cut off the ability of the western power to anymore protect Israel, since now, “who can make war with the beast?” This, while other nations helplessly look on and protest, “Have you come to take plunder? Have you gathered your army to take booty, to carry away silver and gold, to take away livestock and goods, to take great plunder?” (Eze 38:13).

What has happened between verse 30 and 31? That is a question worthy of our sober consideration, as it will greatly assist a more accurate picture of how things will unfold. For my part, I’ve always believed that the complacent west may well be, in some way, “hit” at the same time that Jerusalem is invaded. “These (the ten kings) shall hate the whore (Jerusalem and the west?) and burn her flesh with fire”. It is well to remember that the ten kings who despise the holy covenant (Dan 11:28, 30), not only hate the ‘little satan’, but also the ‘great satan’.

Remember too, that while the territory of Rome embraced nearly all of the middle east, according to Dan 8:9, the final little horn, who will have the backing of the ten kings, comes particularly out of one of the four divisions of Alexander’s less expansive empire. How do we reconcile this? This suggests that this little power that comes up “after” the ten, is possibly a new formed power, much closer to home. The little horn comes down upon Israel from the north, just how proximate this northern location is to the Land is an open question, but there is evidence in Dan 11 that is very near. In the case of Antiochus Epiphanes, the great proto-type of the Antichrist, it was Syria.

In any event, it seems especially significant to me that the scripture says, this man “comes up and becomes strong with a small people” (Dan 11:23). [One brother], whom I’m hoping we’ll see at this year’s conference, has suggested that the ‘small people’ in view here, could well have reference to the new state of Palestine within the present borders of Israel. It is certainly a proposal worth having on the table if we want to consider the full range of possibilities. This is no time to be dogmatic or prematurely conclusive, but there are mysterious nuances between the relationship of the emphasis on Rome in Dan 2 and 7, and the Grecian kingdom in Dan 8 and 11. Dan 2, 7 and 9 leap from Rome to the end, while Dan 8 and 11 leap from the division of Alexander’s kingdom to the end. This has been too little considered by most of the interpretations that I have seen. We may expect such riddles to become much more clear as the time draws nearer (Dan 12:4, 9).

The Jews will realize they’ve been deceived and betrayed; that’s true, but not because the Antichrist has deceived them religiously. I don’t think that’s the nature of the case. No, this “bad guy” is someone who can stand somewhere between the Islamic world and the humanistic west. I don’t think this is someone who can pass as an orthodox Jew, or Messiah figure, deceiving other orthodox Jews. There may indeed be such a figure involved, but I don’t think this fits the description of the vile person of Dan 11:21. I just don’t see that in the text, particularly when the larger context is considered, which many commentators unjustifiably fail to consider as still requiring a future fulfillment.

All is to say, I don’t think Israel will trust this man so far as we suppose. They are not so much trusting him, as the strength of the peace arrangement that is backed by the nations. He may even be the most significant, but still, he is only one of the players in this covenant that will be confirmed with “many” (Dan 9:27). I think it is unwise to conclude that the “many” only has reference to the leaders of Israel. It may very well have reference to a considerable number of other heads of state that are pledged to stand behind the covenant. I believe Israel is putting a fatal trust in the west, if not indeed most particularly the US, as guarantor of this ill-fated peace.

That’s what I’m seeing, as represented by the reference to the ships of Chittim, which at the time of Daniel was shorthand for the maritime powers of the northwestern Mediterranean coast lands. The Jews saw this as reference to Rome. In today’s world, it would have reference to a naval presence in the Mediterranean, not strictly Italy, of course, but certainly representative of the expansive Roman world, which has extended to include many more nations since that time. In prophecy, Rome is, in some sense, still the prevailing world power in the days of the ten kings.

This is how I see the AC, as being opposed by some western alliance that has sufficient strength to successfully repulse his southward advance. Evidently, this is a reaction to what will be regarded as a threat to the peace league (Dan 9:27; 11:23). This show of force only strengthens the false security of Israel and the west. If they weren’t saying it before, they are now saying with ever greater assurance, “peace and safety.” I would venture to say that the church that has not been awakened by this late point, is about to be manifested as the church of the great apostasy.

This means that so late as very near to the end of the first half of the week, there will be a power that can still successfully check the advance of the AC, who, by this time, is already a formidable power. This suggests that whoever we take the ships of Chittim to represent, they are, at this late point, a considerable force. We know this, because the man that is about to go down to Jerusalem after his resurrection to declare himself God in the temple, must himself be the commander of an already considerable force, which in just a short time, right after his resurrection, will be able to seize Jerusalem with a completely irresistible force.

This means that between verse 30 and 31, a massive change has occurred in the balance of world power. This change and its character and nature merits prayerful attention, as we consider the role of the U.S. in its strong inducements and support of Israel’s negotiations of land for peace (i.e., the dividing of the Land (Dan 11:39; Joel 3:2)). Not OK!

Though a digression from your question, I wanted to take the opportunity to point this out about the strategic role of the ships of Chittim, since I believe this is what the Jews are ultimately trusting. Of course, it is man, but in this case, it is particularly the western alliance that has guaranteed the peace.

I believe this is an important aspect of the particular form that the deception will take. Israel’s misplaced trust will be most especially in the presumed ability of the west to hold in check the angry dissidents against the covenant (Jewish access and building on the temple mount will be a slap in Allah’s face. The Antichrist will know how to exploit this indignity to the max).

This is the deadly false trust that will embolden Israel to risk a peace that many in the Islamic world will only very reluctantly recognize. Until the moment of strategic opportunity, the AC will work deceitfully, forecasting his devices against the strongholds (Dan 11:24).

As we’ve mentioned often, it is these often neglected, and admittedly difficult “details of Daniel” that will prove so VERY significant for how the church will see the first half of the week, which is so strategic for its preparation for its final witness. All is designed of God to crowd us to a place of ultimate urgency of intercession, obedience, and fullness. This will be key to what happens in the heaven, for the casting down of Satan by the agency of Michael, which permits the revelation of the man of sin, and the finishing of the mystery of God. The middle of the week is the great turning point. That is why the first half is so strategic for the church. Even so, come quickly, Lord Jesus!

Yours in the Beloved, Reggie

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  1. Aaron
    Reggie, I would love to discuss this subject personally with you. In the past I believed that the mortal wound did refer to the death and resurrection of anti christ but I've come to a different conviction since. Although I've always realized that it could be speaking of anti christ. I can not yet see why he "must" die in order to be possessed by Satan in what you call the mystery of iniquity but I could be convinced of it. My personal understanding of it is that the mortally wounded "head" is a wounded nation. the head that was, and is not, and yet is; is the 7th head which is also the 8th. which means the 7th empire was wounded and will be revived. I find an amazing coloration if not fulfillment of these scriptures in the fall of the Islamic caliphate (ottoman empire) and the current rise of Islam even current discussion on reestablishing the caliphate! But as I stated this does not mean that It could not apply to the person of anti christ as well. Yours in the Lord, Aaron
  2. Peter
    I concur with the last post. In my reading of Joel Richardson and Walid Shoebat I've come to view the 7th head as the Islamic empire of history that will be revived in the future with the restoration of a caliphate over 10 horns, or middle eastern nations, surrounding Israel. It's the most consistent, cohesive, interpretation of ALL of the prophetic scriptures that I've heard yet.
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